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Operational Excellence

How Do We Implement and Sustain?

Our teams go through a three day launch in which employees get an introduction to Lean and participate in value-stream mapping based on current processes. Using a scope document, created by Sponsors and Team Leaders, they set goals/kaizens and work towards an ideal future state.

Following the three-day-launch the teams move on to a 90 day improvement cycle in which they create a visual board, develop metrics, and find gaps to close using their metrics and goals. Every 30, 60, and 90 days the team has a step-back/report out in which they present their progress/accomplishments to their peers, leadership, and other interested members of the University.

To sustain the momentum of the initial 90 days and to make true continuous improvement the teams focus on four areas. They align their goals with the goals of the University and their departments, they visually track their progress to show if their goals are being achieved, they generate ideas daily to solve problems and work towards their goals, and they meet regularly to step back and see areas that need extra resources or need celebrating for a good job.