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Operational Excellence

What are teams improving?

  • Materials Management – The Materials Management team has improved “materials delivered by the date needed” from 46 percent to 90 percent.

  • Capital Projects – Intake process improvements changed the requirements for documents submitted by contractors at the close of construction projects, saving campus customers approximately $110,000 to date. The streamlined process is expected to save about $2,000 on each future project, or some $60,000 per year.
  • Payroll – The Payroll Office improved direct-deposit participation, saving $10,000 per month. And, for the six months ended July 2012, the Travel Office and Procurement Services made 25,467 direct deposits, yielding $50,000 in savings. The Payroll Office also reduced the time to reconcile monthly general ledgers by 14 percent.
  • Creative Communications (C2) – This team increased revenue by $285,000 in FY2012; it also conducted outreach visits to 385 clients on cost savings and services. The Mailing Services unit within Creative Communications reduced overtime by nearly $15,000, and overtime costs are down by over 44 percent in the Printing and Copy Production areas of C2.
  • Citation Appeals – The Commuter Services Citation Appeals team reduced the cycle time for resolution of parking citation appeals from an average of 56 days to 3-10 days.
  • Campus Parking Operations – The Commuter Services Parking Enforcement team has worked in conjunction with Parking Operations  staff to reduce parking citations dismissed due to officer error by 58 percent.
  • Accounts Payable – The Accounts Payable unit now delivers on-time payment in 95 percent of all cases; and invoice discrepancy-resolution, which used to average 45 days, now averages 14 days.
  • Procurement – The process for sole-source (non-competitive) procurement is now 20 percent faster. In addition, the process for new vendor registration is automated and online. The estimated savings are $27,000 per year, shared between departments and central administration. There have been other significant cost savings in Procurement as well. An electronic payment program through Bank of America reduces paper check production by 50,000 checks annually, for example, saving approximately $100,000 in mailing and processing costs. And a variety of reports are saving approximately $160,000 annually for departments and central administration.
  • Research Equipment Inventory – The process for transferring out equipment has been reduced in time and complexity by 66 percent.
  • Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA) – A backlog of 1,129 budget set-ups is now at zero; Federal-sponsor reporting backlogs have bee reduced by 90 percent; the backlog of unbilled research is down to $3.7 million, from a high of $8.5 million; and the backlog of budget     closings has dropped from 5,478 to 777, or 86 percent. Just as important, by increasing throughput and eliminating bottlenecks and roadblocks, GCA was able to handle more active budgets than the prior year without a proportional increase in staff.  This resulted in savings of just over $355,000.
  • Facilities Services – This team eliminated Mylar drawings for construction projects and saved an estimated $100,000 annually, while reducing processing time for drawings, from 4 hours to 30 minutes.
  • Internal Audit – This group took on a portion of the audit work that was being handled by external auditors. As a result, audit fees paid by the UW were reduced by $36,200. Additionally, the increased focus on time management allowed the group to complete a similar amount of audit project effort with two fewer positions over the past year.