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“We missed you, V'Ella, but it was nice to meet LuAnn, congratulations again on winning the Follett Leveraging Excellence Award!” 
--Catherine Lilly, President NCCI (Higher Ed’s Network for Change Leadership)
University of Michigan
“Thank you again for the very productive meetings yesterday at your beautiful campus.  I know a great deal of planning and scheduling goes into a day like that – it was very much appreciated. Please extend our thanks, again, to the extended UW team that participated with us yesterday.”
--Cathy O'Sullivan, Director
University of California, Office of the President
 “(The Lean) team at “F2” have been on the journey for a few years and are making great strides.  LuAnn has presented at the state Lean conference both years.  Her presentation this year was titled, “Enterprise Alignment through a Strategy Deployment Process.”  I heard very positive feedback about (UW’s) presentation.”
--Jim Chrisinger
King County
 “I think this is a great time to tell you how the UW tours impacted our  agency, and how much excitement they generated.  First of all, it was  exactly what we needed to help our leaders understand what a Lean  organization looks like. I heard all about the leadership tour, and UW  really pulled out all the stops.  The employees that attended the first 3  tours came back with so much enthusiasm that we had to figure out how  we were going to be able to support all of them; I often hear  conversations where one employee asks another, “Did you attend the UW tour?”  Those that attended feel very grateful for the opportunity.
Thank you so much for meeting with us one-on-one, and being so kind in sharing your tools.  We have developed a plan that targets natural workgroups, and emphasizes the everyday application of Lean tools. We fell in love with your strategy map!  It just so happened that the Governor’s Office was simultaneously starting to work with agencies on strategy maps. “Thank you,” just doesn’t seem enough.  Our experiences with UW were simply amazing, and your organization is incredibly impressive.  I hope that someday we can provide you with something in return.  Maybe even a tour of our agency in 3-5 years.”
--Rebecca Cole and Sharmin Hawley, Process Improvement Coordinators
Washington Military Department
(to Lean Coach Lily Gebrenegus): “ I just wanted to send you a thank you!  I really appreciate the time you are taking to help improve or Recharge Lean process improvement.  You have provided new perspectives and have also added clarity to the many questions I’ve had. I look forward to our next meeting to not only better our process but also acquiring even more knowledge from you.”
--Danel Phelps, UW Management Accounting & Analysis
“Our visit to the University of Washington was a pivotal experience for me.  I read Own the Gap and just recently completed a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the book that I will present to all of my senior officers and employees in a couple of months. We are currently developing goals and metrics as part of Governor Inslee's "Results Washington" program.  Once we have those goals and metrics developed, we will begin to implement our "Team Based Daily Kaizen Culture." I plan to start with just a few groups, show their successes, and then grow the program.  But everyone is pretty excited about this and I may not be able to contain it! I am honored to think that you carry my coin with you.  Just remember, when you present that coin at any Starbucks you get a cup of coffee for only five dollars!”
--Maj. Gen. Bret D. Daugherty
Adjutant General, Washington National Guard
“Thank you for taking the time to share some coffee and conversation with Lisa and me last Thursday.  We are very excited about having an opportunity to show off your great program to our partners in our experiential problem solving learning journey!”
--Ellen Saboe and Lisa Hayward
Starbucks Continuous Improvement Office
“(We) were part of the Northwest Quality tour group on September 10th.  We were so impressed with your F2 Lean work and accomplishments since you have started your lean journey.  We walked away with excitement and energy to partner with you and your team.”
--Seattle Children’s Research Institute (SCRI) and Research Continuous Performance Improvement (RCPI)
“I didn’t attend your presentation, but one of my colleagues did and raved about it.  Good job!  My colleague is not one that is easy to impress. Wanted to follow-up on our brief conversation at the Lean conference.  You mentioned a process improvement center that your team recently put together.  I’d love to stop by and see what you’ve done.”
--Wes Henrie, Process Improvement Program Manager
Port of Seattle
(Addressing the team): “The week started out with me being absolutely inspired by how powerful the LEAN process had been for all of you. The presentation Monday afternoon was remarkable in the way that you all had identified so many process issues we’ve been up against for many, many years and had created organizing concepts to begin the process of making positive changes for yourselves and for our organization over the next 30/60/90 days and beyond.”
--John Haslam, General Manager
“As those who attended our meeting at UW this week know, we had a great day and saw some excellent examples of lean practices and tools in action. Many thanks to Vincent for coordinating the meeting for us and to his colleagues who presented and discussed their Lean practices with us.  Amazing and exciting work being done.”
--Northwest Quality Forum

“Thank you all for presenting at the 2013 Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference.  I can’t express the gratitude we feel for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experiences with our attendees.  2,000+ attendees moved further down the road on their Lean journeys last week thanks to you, and Washington state is better off because of it!”
--Heidi Loveall, Coordinator, Washington State Lean Transformation Conference
Results Washington
Office of the Governor
“Thank you again for coming to speak to us today. It was very impactful and we ended up adding lean to our goals for the 5 year plan, so it definitely made a difference!”
--Maria Anguiano, Chief of Staff
University of California System-Office of the President (UCOP)
“Last week’s LEAN Educator Conference represented another outstanding experience for our attendees, full of valuable insights and stories of inspiring progress. A great deal of that success is due to your role as one of nearly three-dozen presenters to share to our attendees over those three days.”
--Diane Rasor-Thompson, Organizer
Lean Educator Conference
The Ohio State University
“Thank you for speaking with (us) at the conference this week—we enjoyed learning from your presentation and chatting with you afterwards.  Also a huge thanks to your team for hosting us what a great and eye-opening experience that your team provided for us.  Now that we’ve seen a great example of Lean at work in higher ed, we’re looking forward to connecting with some local Utah companies to see if we can do tours there, as well.  I am glad that we started with F2 at UW so that we could all see directly how it might apply to us.  I’m looking forward to staying in touch as we continue along on our Lean journey.”
--Stephanie Dolmat-Connell, Sr. Research Analyst
Facilities Management
University of Utah